When I met Sarah, she was devastated, her husband Mark of 20 years, had told her he wanted a divorce.

She knew he was unhappy but thought that this was just due to boredom and loss of purpose due to being on furlough.

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Sarah had struggled when her parents had divorced when she was 13, and now she worried about her sons aged 11 and 13, going through the same thing.

Sarah and Mark had been to marriage counselling after they drifted apart when their second son was born, this hadn’t been helpful for them at the time and led…

I often get asked, what is Transformational Coaching, and how does it differ from other approaches?

To answer this question, let me tell you about John…

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John’s world fell apart when his partner told him it was over. Not only had he lost his partner and best friend, but John was also unfortunate that covid struck and he had to endure endless days alone to ruminate in his flat.

He couldn’t see a future for himself without his girlfriend. He believed that his painful feelings were telling him about himself and how he had screwed up.

All of this is…

What makes you decide it's time to change and how do you go about it?

It’s so easy for chronic pain to simply become an accepted part of your life. Just take pain killers and carry on. The effort to change is often just too much.

But sometimes one event or thought can spark a whole change. This is my story of recovery.

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For 19 years I battled with shoulder pain. It wasn’t constant, but daily activities such as getting dressed or washing my hair could easily set it off. …

I grew up believing I was broken, that there was something wrong with my brain. I just found everything so hard and couldn’t seem to remember simple things. At school, I needed extra lessons to learn to read.

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I must have mentioned this to my family because when I was about seven, my brother convinced me that he would operate whilst I was sleeping to give me a new brain. I was so excited. But it didn’t work!

So life continued, I’d muddled up timetables, misread questions and was unable to remember even short sequences of instructions. It left me…

Yesterday my 12-year-old daughter had an operation on both her eyes to correct her double vision. The surgeon had to cut through the corner of her eyeballs, to get to the muscles behind.

Two weeks ago, I asked my daughter, “Are you feeling worried?”

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Her answer surprised me.

We were digging in the garden at the time, to prepare for some vegetable beds.

“No, I’m not scared, I probably will be just before the operation, but right now I’m just with my mum in the garden. …

Most days I’m in a calm, content state, but yesterday wasn’t one of those days. I got caught up in the emotions of family life.

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It started when my husband demanded that my three sons (aged 14, 19 and 22) complete a huge project, to chop and shred the huge mountain of the overgrown garden hedge, which we had removed with a digger the day before. My husband then stormed off complaining that he had worked for 12 hours straight the day before, so why couldn’t his sons.

So then it was left to me. Now my expectations for the day had been very different. I had planned a relaxing day, a day off from my coaching business and a day off from the garden…

Last week it happened, my eldest son had symptoms of Covid-19. A fever, feeling achy, and a cough. As he’s a ‘key worker’ we took him to be tested. It took five days for the results to come back.

Whilst we waited we took all the necessary precautions, isolating him from the rest of the family and extra cleaning of anything he came into contact with. We also gave him nourishing food and supplements to boost his immunity.

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The thing was, I didn’t feel worried or anxious for those five days. My mind didn’t race off into the future and…

I think every parent-to-be, feels anxious at some point about whether they will be OK during their birth. With the current Covid-19 pandemic, there seems to be so much more to worry about.

Your birth can sometimes feel so big that you can’t even see past it, to the fact that you’re actually having a baby. And when you start thinking about becoming a parent, it can be overwhelming.

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From the thoughts of will you cope with sleep deprivation, feeding your baby, knowing what they want and how to do it, to the can it really be that bad and…

I was so excited packing my bags, this was it, I was off on an adventure. Ten whole days that I had managed to clear from my schedule, I so needed the break from work, and from my family life.

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Getting in the car, there was a bit of doubt in my mind, could I really pull this off, arrive in India with no plan, nowhere to stay and just see what happens?

But then the car wouldn’t start, really right now, what a time to break down. Luckily my brother was still awake, so a quick call and he…

Without changing or doing anything extra!

What is stopping you loving your life just the way it is?

Take a moment to consider this question…

Perhaps life seems ok, BUT there is just one thing if that were to change or even WHEN that changes then you’ll be happy and love your life.

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The ONE thing may be a physical thing like where you live, the past experiences you want to let go of, or even someone else that seems to be causing you STRESS.

This is how most of us live our lives. Waiting to be happy or accepting…

Nicola Arnett

Coach, Writer and Speaker helping you to find peace of mind and live life to the fullest.

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